Jul 21, 2011

Creative Quarterly

The last few weeks have been pretty enlightening for me. I have been having some real good discussions with a friend of mine who is an aspiring writer with only one year of school left to go. We both are learning the meaning of getting out there with our abilities. Learning to deal with failures, or more like, allowing ourselves the opportunity to fail or succeed. I have toyed with ideas of starting a website, or using a artfire.com to put my art out there for people to buy, but at the same time the art that i would be selling would be some of my handmade items, such as magnets and figurines also headbands and such.

I have many aspirations in doing different things both handmade and digital art. I enjoy a bunch of different mediums but I also think that it is the problem with me sticking to one idea and going with it full circle. So Today in my email i got a 2nd call for the call for entries on Creative Quarterly, I thought to myself , this is my chance JUST DO IT! So I did, even if i get nothing I still know that my art was seen by other eyes than my own and those of my friends and other artsy people.

So now the weeks to wait are going to begin. I think there are still 5 or so days left before the deadline and than 6 weeks of waiting for the judgment....so who knows in a couple months my artwork may be in a magazine.... that so happens to NOT have copies in my town.... HOW convenient.

I also had to submit a company name for the entrant so I had to think about what I would name an Illustration company that I would create, I went with Oddworld Illustrations. I figured that would truely accentuate the type of art that I create, in the fact that there are things slightly off in my work, the way the body is created, or the surroundings that arent quite anything you know for sure.

well I wanted to just give an update, I am workin on some new art lately, some more cute stuff like the giraffe that I did a few months ago.

Jun 16, 2011

Workin Hard

Well this week I finished a drawing I started quite a while back. It was something I drew up in photoshop sometime in January, but never really got around to finalizing the drawing or coloring it. I decided to pick it back up after my Sephiroth drawing which was alot of fun because I took some of the techniques I had used and brought them over. I did alot of small additions to this drawing that were alot fo fun. I took influences from Egyptian sculpture/architecture, than I had a lot of fun bringin in the smoke. I have a soft spot for the smoke haha.

It took probably somewhere up to 30 hours to finish the image all together, including a day and a half break because its allergy season and my head was killin me. Next up Im going to be workin on my new logo, I am goin to attempt to sell some of my craftier items that I have been working on, i.e. Headbands and some tentacles made into magnets... which are alot of fun and cute.

Jun 10, 2011

Final Fantasy

Well guys, out of the shadows a gamer creation has occurred.... most of you may know him. If you have ever played the game or seen the movie. Sephiroth, badass of Final Fantasy. I was asking for ideas on things to draw game wise and this little gem presented itself to me. Took alot of work to get things the way I wanted. Took about.... 3 days of working on it on and off.

I hope you enjoy

May 1, 2011


So the weeks have been going by and I have decided that there is only one thing to draw in the spring, BABIES!!! so to kick it off a baby Giraffe :D. His name is Chester, or so I called him as I was drawing him, He is just about the cutest thing tottering around on four legs :D

I havnt worked too much on art lately, its fallen to the side a bit so things are gonna have to pick up a bit for me, Im going to look into selling some art prints locally around to see if people might catch on buying some of this stuff so I I can feel accomplished in something, besides videogames!

Here is an alternative view of Chester, a bit more of a blow out, he looks a bit more poster like :D.

Well thats all guys

Apr 4, 2011

Final Week

I went with Fan Art this week as my choice of Illustration, I got some ideas to do Momo the flying furry bat thing from Avatar the last Airbender. He was alot of fun to draw and He has several cute poses that I had to choose from.

I let her pick the one she liked best for me to do a full sketch of and I hope she likes the outcome :D
I also planned on doing another fan art for a friend, I was going to do a Vampire Hunter D image which I will try to work on and do for this week.

Mar 27, 2011

Weeks are rolling by

Well its the end of the week yet again, I feel like I am enjoying my art this month the most, partly because im working towards something new and partly because it just feels good to be busy with work. I finished the octopus and I am very happy with him...I found that I called him Steve an awful lot...sorry Steve for the pink but it just looked too good to pass up :D
I am as of yet undecided on the project for next week. I have a few unfinished ideas but I started a sketch last night that I was super happy with in the like.... 10 minutes I spent on it, so chances are you will prob see that as well next week :D

Mar 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well The end of week 3 Is here and I have continued the animal theme this week with my froggy. I wasnt sure what I was doing with the background but I was more interested in the frog anyways.... maybe I will go back and do a background but for now this works. To head back to the water ideas I started an Octopus today.
So far this is what he is looking like, gonna be starting the coloring probably after I get done with this post. He is for next week tho, so look out for him :D